Margot Schulman

Director: Seema Sueko

Playwright: Sharyn Rothstein

Location: Arena Stage

Character Role: Sarita Imari

It is going to sound pretty cliche when I say, "I'm living the dream", but it definitely cannot be helped in this situation! I was living the dream! My first show at an equity theatre in less than a year of graduating college! I am pretty thankful for whatever stars decided to align in my favor to make this happen! Also major Thank You to Victor Vazques (Casting Director) and Seema Sueko (Deputy Artistic Director) for having a vision that creates space for underrepresented actors/artists.

The entire team; cast, crew, and designers were from different cultural backgrounds and walks of life. This world premier about technology, big corporations, and humanity demanded different perspectives from its audiences and having a team that was extremely diverse propelled that idea further.